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Create do-follow backlinks in a very easy way through profile creation and different way, With the help of a free backlink websites blog.

In this blog, you will find the addresses of 50 high authority free backlink websites. Where you can create backlinks with profile creation, commenting, and submission.

You can also generate backlinks in different ways, for which you need to visit our previous posts. You can see the following blogs to generate backlinks in different ways.

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There are 3 ways to generate backlinks in this blog and I will give free backlink website address with each of those ways so that you can go to the website addresses and generate backlinks as soon as you know the ways.

1.Create Free Backlinks By profile Creation.

In the profile creation section, I have provided the free backlink website addresses below, in which you can create a correct profile for your site only if you create an accurate profile with your email address, your correct business name, location, social links, and the main URL of your blogging or any website. Do-Follow backlinks will be created.

Please note that, after creating a profile on each of the free backlink websites mentioned, it is mandatory to confirm your email address within the stipulated time.

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The domain authority and page authority may go up and down from time to time according to the behavior of each website owner.

2.Create Free backlinks By Commenting on Different Websites

In the Commenting Backlink Creation section, we have provided the free backlink website addresses below, in which you can generate backlinks only by commenting. You do not need to create any profile in the commenting backlink generating method.

Always make sure that the comments you write are meaningful enough. Because in order to get approval for any comment, it is very important that your comment is in the context of that post. You can see my previous blog post to know more about writing comments.

Maybe everyone knows how to write comments with links, but for those who don’t know, here’s a general idea.

Comments with links are usually written in two ways.

  1. The first way is when you write any comment in the middle of that comment or anywhere you paste any of your links and submit, the comment with the link is published. But in this way, there is an advantage and most of the dis-advantage. The advantage is that it is very easy to write any comment and paste the link with it and you don’t need anchor text. And the disadvantage is that the website owners do not give approval easily when commenting in this way. Even after the comment has been approved, the decoration of the comment looks bad.
  2. Second, the Anchor text method. Just as it is good to see the comments you write in this way, the owners of any website give approval to the comments written in this way. In this case, it is better to say that there is no disadvantage. Just writing a comment through the anchor text is a little difficult. If you want to write a comment through Anchor text, take a good look at the following line. I have mentioned to you how to write a comment through Anchor text

EXAMPLE: <a href=”your url or link“>The text you want to write</a>

Follow the two images below to better understand

When you write a comment, it should be written according to the image above.
Free Backlink Websites
After submitting the comment, it will be exactly like the image above.

Hope you understand well the way to generate commenting backlinks for your blog or website. Now find out the addresses of all the free backlink websites in which you will go and generate backlinks by commenting.

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The domain authority and page authority may go up and down from time to time according to the behavior of each website owner.

3.Create Free Backlinks By Url Submission

There are some more special social sharing sites besides Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, where only you submit your URL, from there you can gain backlinks and a huge amount of organic traffic for your site or any specific URL. But for that, you need to be patient enough to gain your followers. Just like what happens to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn platforms.

I am going to provide the free backlink website addresses below, you must create a proper profile. You need to create a profile with your business name, business email address, business image, business website, etc.

In the case of the websites mentioned below, you should keep in mind that only submitting the URL in the right way will get traffic to your site, or increase the value of your site. However, your site may be banned if you do not knowingly do too many submissions or spam. So whatever you do, understand it well and know the public policy of those sites, and then submit your URL.

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The domain authority and page authority may go up and down from time to time according to the behavior of each website owner.

My only request to every reader friend is that you patiently create backlinks. Creating backlinks in different ways means doing SEO of your site. Doing SEO on any site is not an easy task. There are different companies that do SEO for different websites. In the case of your website, you are doing the work that the company used to do for your site. In that case, you have to have some patience, some hard work, some time waiting. Only then will you find success for your site or your blogging career.


After creating my own backlinks to all the free backlink websites that are provided in this blog and after researching all the topics, I have made this blog readable for you.

If you have any suggestions or complaints about this blog, feel free to let me know in the comment box below or through the contact form.

Thank You So Much For Being With Me…

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