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20 High Domain Authority Free Backlink Provider Sites, where you can create genuine and permanent link binding for your site in a very easy way

Why create backlinks for your site? What happens if you create backlinks? I hope everyone knows about these things. I don’t want to waste your time unnecessarily on this article. You can see my previous post for details about backlinks.

Almost everyone has a general idea about backlinks. However, many people do not know exactly where and how to create backlinks properly to grow Their site. In this article, I want to inform you about those free backlink provider sites and how you can create backlinks on that site.

I am only informing the free backlink provider sites and the methods to create backlinks on those sites. And for your convenience, I am also informing you about the current domain and page authorities of those sites. If you want to see the video to create backlinks on these free backlink provider sites, You can watch the video at the end of the article.

High Domain Authority Free Backlink Provider Sites

The domain authority of each of the sites I have mentioned below is very high and you will get Authority backlinks only if you create a profile in each of them. On every site I create a profile for my site then I created this article. So my sincere request to you is that you patiently follow the guide in a few minutes. Hope you will benefit a lot.

20 High Authority Free backlink provider sites

1.Photobucket Is An Image hosting site. Here you can upload images directly from your computer, or by copying a link to any image on your website. When uploading an image in any way, the title and description of that image must be written. When writing a description, attaching a link into the description, and publishing it, a high-quality backlink is generated from Photobucket. Of course, it is important to create a profile with a link to your website

  • D/A – 93
  • P/A – 48

2.Cheaper Seeker Is A Coupon hosting site. No worries, you don’t have to buy or generate any coupons. You just create a profile here. On the profile settings page, create a profile of yours, when creating a profile you will have the option to add a link to your website, there if you create your profile with the link to your site, will become a high-quality backlink generator for your site.

  • D/A – 36
  • P/A – 34

3.Quora Is A Question and answering website. Create an account here in a very simple way (just email address and name), join as a follower/contributor/moderator in the spaces according to your niche, ask and answer questions according to your niche, and share the link of your website content with those questions and answers. High-quality no-follow backlinks are available here. Please see my previous article for details on quora.

  • D/A – 93
  • P/A – 77

4.Listly Is A Software uploading and downloading website. Also, various content can be uploaded and downloaded here. You don’t have to do any of these. You just have to create a perfect profile here, with your social ID and your website link. From here you will get a high authority Backlink.

  • D/A – 80
  • P/A – 63

5.Bit Bucket Is A Web-based version control storage hosting service for source code and development projects that use Git revision control systems. If you just create your profile here, you will get a High Quality (org) backlink from here.

  • D/A – 91
  • P/A – 57

6.Hits Connect Is A Traffic generator site. Here you can advertise any of your URLs with a free or premium plan. You can also generate some extra traffic with your authority backlinks here. Of course, it is important to create a profile here.

  • D/A – 27
  • P/A – 27

7.About Me a product of Google. Here you create a profile with all your online details, while creating a profile you will have the opportunity to add links to your website and content here. The more links you add here, the more high quality backlinks you will get.

  • D/A – 92
  • P/A – 42

8.Zoho Is An all-in-one platform, here you will find solutions for any type of business. There is no problem if you do not use any product of All you have to do is create a profile with a link to your website here. Backlinks will be created automatically with that profile

  • D/A – 87
  • P/A – 71

9.Issuu Is A Blogging and content embedding site (like Here you can also write direct content and do content embedding. From here you can create backlinks for each of your content.

  • D/A – 94
  • P/A – 46

10.Kickstarter Is A Simple Blogging Website. here you can create a high authority backlink by commenting through or profile creation. When you create your profile here, you will have the opportunity to add the main link to your website.

  • D/A – 93
  • P/A – 68

11.Etsy Is A Simple E-commerce Website. here you can sell your product by creating a business profile and you can also get a high authority backlink by profile creation.

  • D/A – 92
  • P/A – 58

12.Instructables Is A Woo-commerce and blogging website .here you can publish your own creativity as a publisher. Otherwise, you just create a profile with your website link and get a high authority backlink.

  • D/A – 93
  • P/A – 75

13.Scoop Is A Online working solution and blogging website. here you can find all type of blogs that helps you to grow your skill and here you can share your own contents as a publisher. after creating a profile here, you can publish your content with links. If you do this process then you can get lots of backlinks from this website.

  • D/A – 93
  • P/A – 74

14.Mix Is A Blogging Website. Here you can share your link directly. Just create a profile with your website link and publish your content by link mixing.

  • D/A – 78
  • P/A – 60

15.Quesanswer Is A Question Answering and blogging website. Here you can answer the questions according to your content. You can also share the link with the answer you have given, and when creating a profile, be sure to add the link to your website.

  • D/A – 20
  • P/A – 32

16.Disqus Is A Discussion related website. You can discuss different topics here by creating a community according to the niche or need of your website. This greatly increases the profile of your website. To create a community on Disqus, you must first create your own profile. And when you add a link to your website while creating a profile, a high-quality backlink is created from here.

  • D/A – 93
  • P/A – 88

17.Flickr Is An simple image hosting website. Here you can connect with different people by uploading images. Here you can create a profile either free or paid.

  • D/A – 91
  • P/A – 95

18.Fancy Is An E-commerce website. All you have to do here is create a profile with your website link. And that’s where you get a high-quality backlink. And if you want to join the affiliate program with this, you can do so by contacting the website authorities.

  • D/A – 73
  • P/A – 60

19.Growthhackers Is A Blogging, job listing, and Q&A website. Here you can stay connected for different types of job information, different educational blogs, Q&A, and more. Remember that it is very important to create a profile with a link to your website. Only by creating a profile will you get a high-quality backlink.

  • D/A – 65
  • P/A – 53

20.Weheartit is an image hosting and blogging website. Here you can read different types of blogs, write and publish your own blogs, post your different images by links. Of course, if you create a profile here with your website link, you will still get a high-quality backlink.

  • D/A – 77
  • P/A – 95

All of the above sites are high authority websites and there is absolutely no spam on these sites. You can create a profile and generate backlinks with ease.

Please watch the video below to know how to create a profile with links to these. For example, I have given the general idea for ​​creating a profile with website links on some sites. Hope you understand easily.

Free backlink provider sites

I have spent a lot of time and effort in researching all the free backlink provider sites that I have mentioned in this article. If you also create backlinks through profile creation on every website with a little patience, you will definitely get good results. But the last thing I want to say is that if you create a backlink, you will not get immediate results. Creating backlinks to different sites is part of your site’s SEO. And SEO of your site is a long time permanent process. So please don’t rush anyone. With patience, hard work, you will get good results.

If you have any complaints or suggestions about this article, please let us know in the comments box or in the contact form.

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